The Benefits of Green Roof Systems

Green roof systems offer a multitude of benefits and are available in an array of shapes and sizes. To determine how beneficial a green roofing solution can be to your home, contact Pascuzzi Brothers and Sons, the flat roofing specialists in Cambridge, for a free consultation.

Regulate Temperature Effectively

Green roofing is an excellent means of regulating the temperature of your home. Furthermore, not only does the roof reduce heat loss, it can also keep your property cool in the summer. This is great news for those of us who would like to reduce our energy consumption and save money on energy bills.

Bear in mind, however, that the initial outlay of a green roof may be slightly more costly than ordinary flat roofing installations. This is of little consequence, however, when one considers that a green roof can last for a considerable amount of time without needing to be repaired as frequently.

Help Neutralise Your Carbon Footprint

Not only does green roofing reduce heat loss and, consequently, your energy bills, it also helps to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Due to the plant’s natural process of respiration, you could be well on the way to offsetting your carbon footprint. This is incredibly beneficial if you are conscious of environmental issues.

Reduce Rainwater Runoff

Green roofing has the innate ability to reduce surface water runoff through absorption. Which is extremely useful if you live in an area that experiences frequent rainstorms. Excess rainwater runoff can pose a variety of challenges for an ordinary roof, namely, overflowing guttering and drains, roof leaks, pooling and corrosion. With a green roof, you can happily avoid all of these issues.

Easy to Maintain

The plants used for green roofing are self-sustaining and require no watering on the part of the property owner. In addition, the plants are usually native to the geographical area and provide a convenient habitat for many different species of wildlife.