Winter Checklist For Your Roof

Make sure you are completely ready for winter by ensuring that your house is up to scratch. This will involve checking that there are no leaks in the roof and that your gutters aren’t blocked. Should you find that part of your roof needs a bit of maintenance before Winter, then, roofing contractors in Cambridgeshire will be able to help. Their experienced roofers will take a look at your roof and professionally solve the problem in hand.


As Winter comes, there are a few things worth checking to make sure your roof will protect your home this winter.



Have you noticed your roof is leaking? A leak is never good especially if it’s on the roof. Water will drip down through the attic and seep between the floorboards. If this isn’t sorted out quickly, it can have severe repercussions on the rest of your home. For example, damp walls will become weak and can potentially be very dangerous to live with. As the weather gets wetter and colder, you may find that having your roof inspected will benefit you in the long run.     


Shingle Repairs

Damaged shingles can be a problem as they can also be a cause of leaking. Shingles can get damaged from harsh weather conditions, people walking on the roof, plants or even animals. With them being damaged it will be an open gate to let a draft directly into your house or again, even let water in. If any part of your roof needs fixing, you may find you will benefit from getting it checked.  



With the weather getting damper and the speed of the wind picking up, have a look at your gutters. Give them a thorough check to make sure that there are no cracks or blockages. A blocked gutter during winter can back up and cause more leaks and overflow with water. This is because the water won’t be able to run away from the house and as a result, it will just fill up and pour out the top. 


Is the Roof Clean?

Check your roof is clean and isn’t covered in algae and moss. The moss (along with other plants) can put their roots in the shingles, pushing them apart and potentially causing them to break. Should this happen, roof repairs in Cambridgeshire will be able to assist you. Their professional roofers will fix any damage on your roof.