Why Are Green Roofs Important?

Green roofs in Cambridgeshire are becoming more and more popular across the county. A green roof, also known as a rooftop garden or a living roof, is basically a vegetative layer grown on a rooftop. Green roofs in Cambridgeshire may look prettier than standard roofs, but they are more than just something to look at. In this article, we look at why green roofs are so important.

The Importance of Green Roofs to Others

  • A green roof works as a buffer for rainwater and this means a delay in the discharge of rainwater to the sewage system, the rainwater is purified and the rainwater will evaporate through the plants. This, in turn, helps to stabilise the ground level and reduces the risk of flooding.
  • As with all plants, the plants within a green roof will filter matter from the air and convert cO2 into oxygen. A green roof in Cambridgeshire will contribute to air purification in the local area making a healthier environment for everyone.
  • There is lots of research to prove that living and working in a green environment has a positive effect on the well-being of people. The greenery offered with a green roof will offer people a feeling of relaxation and this will reduce stress.

The Importance of Green Roofs to Your Building

  • The plants on the green roof create a fire-resistant layer to your home or office building as they naturally contain a lot of water; this can reduce the risk of fire, fire damage and the risk of fire spreading.
  • If you have solar panels then a green roof will improve their efficiency as they will reduce the temperate on the roof, and a cooler roof will increase the efficiency of your solar panels which will, in turn, reduce your total energy costs.
  • A green roof will act as a sound barrier to your building as the sound will be absorbed into the green room and will then provide you with a quieter environment at home or work, both inside and outside of the building.
  • You will extend the lifespan of your roof with a green roof because the green rood protects the roofing materials from those external influences such as bad weather and high or low temperatures.  A green roof can double or even triple the lifespan of our roof in some cases.
  • A green roof will add value to your home or office building as it will have a more natural and sustainable appearance. On top of this, the buyer will know that there will be a reduction in energy costs and an extension of the lifespan of the roof.

If you’d like to know more about green roofs in Cambridgeshire please do not hesitate to contact us.