Just because you can’t see your roof it doesn’t mean it is in perfect condition; things like mould problems can easily sneak up on you. While deposits of slimy black mould on your roof may be unsightly they can pose serious health risks and if not dealt with effectively, can cause damage to your roof and home.

When you spot evidence of mould on your roof, you need to deal with it straight away and treat it as a high priority; this can be done by spraying your roof down with a powerful chemical cleaner.

If you choose to remove the mould on your roof yourself instead of calling in the professional services of a roofing company in Cambridgeshire then you need to ensure you have the correct safety equipment to complete this task. Ideally, you need thick rubber gloves, a breathing mask and goggles to ensure you are protecting yourself from the strong chemicals you’ll be using.

Make sure you also wear the appropriate clothing for safely removing mould from your roof; you need to wear a long-sleeved shirt and full-length trousers so your skin is completely covered. Slip resistant work boots are also highly recommended for proper traction on an area that could be slippery.

Take the time to cover and protect plants that are around the roof area or below the roof as the chemicals you are using to clean your roof may drip down or cause a mist when used and this could damage nearby plants. We would recommend that you wet or water your plants before and after cleaning the roof or cover prized flowers with plastic for additional protection.

Make sure you have a stable ladder to get onto the roof and ideally someone to hold and support the ladder while you are getting on and off the roof, but also to watch out for you and the ladder while you are working on the roof. It is recommended that you place the base of your ladder on a solid surface such as concrete or paving but if this is not possible a level area of grass or dirt is suitable.

Use a long-handled brush to scour the surface and scrub away at the biggest areas of mould build-up on the roof, this will help to loosen stuck on mould before it gets wet and stickier. Then take a roof cleaning solution or make up your own cleaning fluid with water and bleach, if you choose to mix in any other chemicals make sure you never combine bleach with anything that contains ammonia as this mixture will produce a toxic and hazardous gas. As a roofing company in Cambridgeshire, we can offer recommendations for the best roof cleaning solutions for your needs.

To apply the solution we would recommend you spray the roof entirely with something as it is a large area to cover. Continue spraying liberally until the full roof is covered and leave the chemicals for around 15-20minutes until they soak in and then wash away. A pressure washer may be too strong for a delicate roof so be careful with the force you use to wash the chemicals away.

Ideally, you want a cool or cloudy day to remove the mould from your roof if you are doing it yourself. Watch out for the weather forecast because a heavy shower could wash away all your hard work.

If you feel that you would rather call in an expert roofing company in Cambridgeshire to remove the mould from your roof then please feel free to contact us directly; we can take away that health and safety risk for you and efficiently remove your mould with ease.