Roof repairs are often one of the most costly home improvement projects for homeowners, and sadly they can’t really be enjoyed either – unlike other popular home improvements like a new kitchen, bathroom or conservatory but roof repairs are essential for the protection of your home, belongings and family.

There are ways that you can prevent costly roofing repairs and as roofing contractors, we would like to share some of these roof maintenance tips that you can try out yourself. Perhaps you could try these in the warmer months on sunny days or call for an expert opinion roofing contractors in Cambridgeshire do professional roofing maintenance checks for you.

Our first tip for summer roofing maintenance is to get some professional roofing contractors in Cambridgeshire to check your roof on an annual basis for you, they can then keep an eye on the general maintenance of your roof and make small repairs where they may be needed, instead of coming to complete a larger roof repair project that will cost lots more money.

As summer arrives, you will spend longer outside, instead of rushing to get in your house to avoid getting soaked by the rain or even frozen by the snow. While you’re walking up to your home or spending time in your garden take a look for any hanging tree limbs that are resting on or touching your roof. These tree limbs could cause damage to the protective coating on your roof, so it is recommended that you get rid of any tree limbs growing nearby.

Have a look round your home for dark spots or any signs of leaking in your ceiling; instead of reacting with panic and covering them with extra coats of paint or wallpaper, get some roofing contractors in Cambridgeshire round to take a look. Ignoring the problem will make the matter worse, and when the matter is worse it will cost more money to repair.

While you’re up in the loft getting your summer wardrobe down, getting rid of the winter coats, or getting your suitcase out, make sure you check for mould or dampness. If you see any then this could be a sign of a leak. We’d recommend getting this checked out by roofing contractors in Cambridgeshire they’ll inspect your roof and make sure there are no major issues.

It is a good idea to keep an eye out for any weakened spots on your roof too. This can be caused by pests such as pigeons or squirrels that can then gain direct access into your home and lead to a new load of pest control issues on top of roof maintenance problems.

If you are worried about heights or would prefer to get an experts opinion, then why not call in our team of roofers in Cambridgeshire to check your roof for you, ensuring that signs of damage are caught before they become large and costly repairs in the future.