Soffits and Fascias

The main use of fascias boards is to hold the roof’s guttering up and protect the supporting wall. Their purpose is to control the amount of water that comes down and will further take away the threat of floods in your home. Fascias in Cambridgeshire will be professionally fixed to your home without a hassle.



There are generally three types of fascia boards, they being wood, uPVC and aluminium. These are the best materials to use as fascias as they produce the best results. They are aesthetically pleasing and will last a long time.



Depending on the type of material used will depend on how much maintenance they need. uPVC does not require any maintenance. If fitted professionally the uPVC shouldn’t have any problems.

Wood will need a little bit of maintenance. It will need to be painted with a sealant that will stop the wood splitting and getting mouldy. The fascia boards may eventually need replacing because of mould.

Aluminium is a durable material and will require the odd bit of maintenance to keep it in check.


Aesthetically Pleasing

The fascia boards will make the building look nicer and more professional. There are many different designs and styles available for the boards making them very adaptable to the various home styles.



Fascias are known for lasting a long time and being able to survive different weather conditions. The weather is very unpredictable; we can make a judgement on what it might do a week in advance however we don’t know for certain. Having a material that is durable to all weather conditions will be a better solution in the long run.


Soffits are located underneath the fascia boards and act as the base for them further protecting the wall of your home and the roof line. Soffits in Cambridgeshire are fitted to buildings with ease and have a professional finish.


Little Repair Needed

Generally speaking, soffits don’t require much maintenance; however, sometimes they can decay as a result of the mould, excessive rain or nesting birds. Decayed soffits will need replacing or they will be ineffective and can damage the wall of the building.


Range of Designs

Due to their versatility to fascia boards, the soffits come in a selection of colours and designs. This including a wood grain effect making it look like wood and giving the building a more traditional feeling.


Withstand Weather Conditions

Just like the fascia boards, the soffits can withstand a variety of weather conditions such as snow, strong winds and heavy rain. However, with excessive amounts of torrential rains, the soffit getting can get weaker (this will be reliant upon the material of the soffit).