Reasons Why Your Roof Is Leaking

There are many reasons as to why your roof may be leaking. It could be because of a blocked gutter, an incorrectly installed skylight or a poorly constructed roof. Roofing in Cambridgeshire will look at your roof, locate the issue and see how it needs to be fixed. With professional roofers, your roof will be repaired without a hassle.   


Skylights Weren’t Installed Correctly

Skylights are very attractive however if they aren’t installed correctly they can cause some issues with the roof. If there is decayed insulation around the frame of the skylight or the measuring wasn’t accurate when it was installed, it will allow water to enter the house or building.


Blocked Guttering

Gutters are incredibly useful however if improperly looked after they can have negative repercussions on your home. Blocked gutters can be the reason your roof is leaking. A build up of leaves, debris and dirt will cause a blockage. This block will mean that rather than the water running down the guttering and away from the house, it will sit in a puddle and eventually soak into the roof, resulting in a leak.


Cracked Chimney

The chimney goes directly from the outside to the inside. The mortar around the chimney can start cracking and peeling away. This occurs with age and when the chimney has been exposed to harsh weather conditions. Cracking in the mortar will allow water to get through and cause a leak.    


Walking on The Roof Too Much

Walking on the roof to either clean the tiles or to check the chimney, can cause damage to the roof. The roofing tiles will damage over time and can be dislodged. Should this happen, it will allow water to seep through the roof to the attic or straight into a room if you don’t have an attic. Roof repairs in Cambridgeshire will professionally fix any damages caused to the roof allowing it to be as good as new.  

Roof Wasn’t Built Properly

When having your roof done, you need to make sure that you have the best roofer. A bad roofer will result in your roof not being built correctly. Furthermore, a poorly constructed roof will mean that it is vulnerable to rainy weather and should the roof get wet it will cause leaks in your home.