Solar Panels or Green Roofing Systems?

Green roofing systems are becoming the future and are certainly the best way for you to save money on energy bills and help the environment. Roofing contractors in Cambridgeshire are taking homes and making them more energy efficient. The most effective forms of green systems are solar panels and green roofing systems.   


Solar Panels

Solar energy has been used for years and is operated by collecting the sun’s rays and turning it into energy, using it for our electricity and to heat our homes and water.

Due to the fact that solar energy is operated from the sun’s rays, it isn’t very efficient when there is no sun. In bad weather conditions such as rainy, overcast days, the sun’s rays struggle to get through the atmosphere. However, the panels will still receive some rays and work but just not as efficiently. As a result, the solar panels have a backup battery pack and an electric source, so you’re not left without electricity.

Solar energy is a renewable source and has absolutely no negative effects on the environment nor does it pollute the atmosphere in any way. The only cost involved in solar panels is getting them installed. They are quite expensive to have fitted onto your roof but are also very easy to install and require minimal maintenance.


Green Roofing Systems

Installing a green system on a roof is an easy and straightforward system. Our team of experienced roofers in Cambridgeshire will install the green system without a hassle and arrange the plants in an organised and presentable fashion.    

If you have a flat roof, the green roofing system is for you! It is aesthetically pleasing to both you and passersby to look at. It will make your home look more desirable as it will have a selection of plants growing on it, which can be arranged in any way you please. Due to the plants being on the roof, it provides a safe habitat for wildlife to live in, and the plants act as a drainage system due to the soil absorbing water when it rains.

The green roof system is a thick layer of plants and shrubbery which acts as insulation for the home making it more energy efficient, saving you money on your energy bills.    


If you are looking for an energy saving system that is aesthetically pleasing, energy efficient and environmentally friendly, then the green roofing system is for you! Get in touch with green roofing in Cambridgeshire to fit you with an attractive green roof system.